ABC Juice

Deciding to drink my vegetables and fruits probably began two years ago when I purchased one from auntie at the indoor food court at Somerset. It was an ABC (apple, beet, celery) juice, loaded with ice, and set me back S$3.40. I had no idea what beets were supposed to taste like. The blood red vegetable wasn’t exactly welcoming me with open arms. To my surprise, it was sweet, refreshing, and I grew fond of it so much I never wanted to chew my food again.

I quickly purchased an affordable (yet terrible) juicer not long after that and probably drank three bushels of beets before the juicer eventually broke. At one point, I replaced two of my meals with juice, which cleared up my stubborn adult acne, made me look like I got 8 hours of sleep on the regular, and did I mention it cleared up my acne? Although, I no longer juice everyday, the ABC juice in particular is my faithful Bloody Mary on hungover Sundays.



ABC Juice


    1 medium-size beet, quartered
    1 sweet red apple such as Gala, quartered
    2-3 large celery stalks


Step 1

Rinse the vegetables thoroughly under water, making sure to scrub off any dirt and film residue.

Step 2

Juice your vegetables and fruits beginning with beet as it has the lowest water content. We want to make sure that we extract as much of its juice. Note: If you don’t have a juicer, you can also use your blender and a bit of water to help it get started. Strain the pulp using a cheesecloth set over a large bowl and squeeze until the pulp inside the cheesecloth is close to dry.

Step 3

Pop in some ice cubes, a straw and enjoy!

Note: If you’re concerned about fibre, I suggest adding in a few tablespoons of chia seeds. If so, make sure to drink this as soon as you make it, as eventually the chia seeds will become gelatinous.