Patricia is a visual designer and developer who spent her formative years on a small island off the coast of Japan, snacking on copious amounts of melon pan, discovering the wonders of the internet on a 56k dial-up modem, and teaching herself how to code.

After taking multiple art classes, becoming editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook, and moulding some unique (read: lop-sided) ceramic bowls, her enthusiasm for the arts brought her to the land of Mounties and maple syrup—Canada, where she was formally educated in graphic design. It wasn’t until recently when she bid the cold adieu, opting for the warmer weather of Singapore.

She is currently learning Italian, reading Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind, and surfing on occasion. Hopping on airplanes, Belgian waffles, and flat whites is the trifecta to keeping this lady in good spirits.

For advertising and collaboration inquiries, please direct all inquiries to Patricia at ads@tofriendsandfoes.com or use the contact form. Unfortunately, I do not accept sponsored posts.